EFI Service in Willaston


Electronic Fuel Injection Service in Willaston

For Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) service in the Willaston area, bring your car into Les Haldane Mechanical. We provide high quality EFI servicing and can help you sort out many fuel and electronic fuel injector related problems.

An intermitting vehicle, poor fuel consumption, trouble starting the engine and general poor performance all point to a potential need for an EFI service.

EFI Service is required whenever a car does not seem to be running at its peak efficiency or when you feel it’s fuel economy seems to have dropped. Carbon deposits can form on the engine valves, and their reduced performance ability leads to increased fuel consumption.

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What is EFI? 

Electronic Fuel Injection systems (EFI) in modern vehicles consist of a high pressure fuel delivery system controlled by a specialised electronic control unit, or ECU. 

As many as thirty or more sensors constantly update the data available to the ECU at any given time. The ECU uses this data to determine the correct mixture of air and fuel the engine requires in order for it to perform most efficiently. This can help reduce fuel costs and minimise exhaust emissions, making regular checks of the EFI system well worth the effort even if there are no apparent problems.

A good Electronic Fuel Injection service, carried out by qualified mechanics, will ensure that the catalytic converter, the fuel and intake systems, engine valves and combustion chambers are all properly cleaned and are in good condition.

Les Haldane Mechanical mechanics are Auto-Tech trained and use the right equipment to ensure the best results for your car.

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