Diesel Intake & EGR Carbon Cleaning


Is your Car Having Trouble Breathing?

If your vehicle is suffering from a lack of power when accelerating, an overall lack of power, poor fuel economy,  or the engine seems to be abnormally hot all the time it could be time for a carbon clean.

Diesel engine intake and carbon cleaning is an often overlooked yet essential part of maintaining a modern diesel engine. You may not realise how much carbon builds up in your engine over time. It accumulates on pistons, rings, valves and injectors. Build up in EGR valves and intake manifolds causes engines to run rough, meaning they also have reduced power and tend to use much more fuel.

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Why Get a Carbon Clean

Most cars in built in Australia since 1999 will have an EGR system of some kind. If your vehicle is fitted with an EGR system, there is something you should know. Carbon buildup in EGR Valves and the Intake Manifold could be choking the life out of your engine (and squeezing your wallet dry in the process).

This can happen to both petrol and diesel engines but turbo and diesel engines tend to be more  susceptible to the problem, especially where a PCV system is used.  Peers Motors have the skills and equipment to give your engine a full carbon clean to help ensure a correct fuel mix,improve efficiency and fuel economy and generally protect the engine.

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