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Services Les Haldane Mechanical Can Perform

Les Haldane Mechanical can perform a full range of car service and automotive repair tasks such as Air Conditioning (AU31510), Auto Electrical, Brake & Clutch, Diesel Repairs, EFI, LPG Repairs, Safety Inspections.Log Book Services, 4WD Repairs, Cooling Systems and EGR & Carbon Cleaning. We also offer Loan Cars and a Pick Up & Delivery service.

Car Service Options in Willaston


We can also undertake a 150 point vehicle inspection of your car and all of our work is covered by the comprehensive Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty.  Our Repco Auto-Tech trained mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service and repair across all makes and models of motor vehicles.

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Air Conditioning Service

Les Haldane Mechanical Gawler have ARC Authorisation (AU31510) to perform responsible and environmentally safe Car Air Conditioning Service

Click here to book a Car Air Conditioning Service now


Automatic Transmission Service

Includes Fluid Change & Filter

Click here to book a Car Transmission Service now


Brake Drum Service

Includes Machining of Drums & Shoe Replacement

Click here to book a Car Brake Drum Service now


Brake System Flush

Includes System Check

Click here to book a Car Brake System Flush Service now


Cooling System Service

Includes Flush & Cooling System Inhibitor

Click here to book a Car Cooling System Flush Service now


Disk Brake Service

Includes Machining and Disc Pad Replacement

Click here to book a Car Disk Brake Service now


Engine Diagnostic Check

Uses specialised scan tool where required

Click here to book a Car Engine Diagnostic Check Service now


Standard Services

Minor Service and  Vehicle Inspection report.

Major Service and Vehicle Inspection report.

Log Book Service

Click here to book a Standard Car Service now


Tune Up

Includes injector clean as required and  65 Point Vehicle Inspection report.

Click here to book a Car Tune-Up Service now


Wheel Alignment

Including Suspension test report

Click here to book a Car Wheel Alignment Service now


Our Services

Les Haldane Mechanical can perform a full range of car service and automotive repair tasks such as...

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Car Air Conditioning Service Willaston

Les Haldane care about the environment and have Arctick Authorisation to reliably and responsibly conduct automotive air conditioning service (AU31510). ARC Approved Car Air Conditioning Servicing reduces Fuel Costs and protects your health.

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Auto Electrical Service in Willaston

Auto Electrical servicing is one of the most important ways of keeping modern cars running efficiently and safely. Les Haldane Mechanical in Willaston provide Auto Electrical Services with a nationwide warranty…

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Cabin Air Filter Replacement

You might be tempted to try and replace your own cabin air filters but there are a few reasons why you should consider this approach very carefully...

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Car Battery Testing

Ever replaced your battery only to find your car problem wasn't fixed? Visit a full service workshop that understands the whole vehicle. Don't Get Left Feeling Flat…

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Diesel Services

A diesel engine can be more efficient, better for the environment and cheaper to run than its petrol-powered counterpart...

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EFI Service in Willaston

For Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) service in the Willaston area, bring your car into Les Haldane Mechanical. EFI servicing can help you sort out a myriad of economy, fuel and electronic fuel injector related problems…

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Log Book Service Willaston

Maintaining regular service intervals ensures your vehicle not only functions at it’s top capability, but also maintains the new car warranty...

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European and Luxury Car Service

Les Haldane Mechanical have the expertise and knowledge to provide service, repairs and diagnostics on all European and Luxury vehicles including Alfa Romeo - Audi - BMW - Citroen - Ferrari - Fiat - Land Rover - Mercedes Benz - Mini Cooper - Peugeot - Lexus - Porsche - Volvo and many more locally in our well equipped Willaston car service workshop…

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Wheel Alignment Willaston SA

Wheel Alignment Services in Willaston, Book Online or call Today. We Provide a Nationwide Warranty and a Free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection with every car service from your local Repco Authorised Service Centre.

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Specialist Car Services